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Tree pictures and tree information. Shrub pictures and shrub information, unusual and common, big and small. Here you will find them on this trees and shrubs website. Images and information on trees and shrubs. Detailed information, facts and pictures about conifer trees, flowering shrubs, hardy shrubs, maple trees and more.

Trees for small gardens and shrubs for shade. Looking for a great tree how about the Paperbark Maple(Acer griseum) This maple grows to about 20m but is often smaller in cultivation. The bark is a mahogany colour and the leaves turn a crimson and scarlet.

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Trees for small gardens, small would be lesss than 10m or about 33 feet. Some trees that would fit into this category would be the field maple which is native to large parts of Europe. The Betula pendula 'Youngii' this tree grows to about 5-7m or 16-23 feet and makes it suitable for a small garden which is why this birch is popular. The common laburnum(Laburnum anagyroides) another popular small garden tree. In May it is covered with clusters of yellow blossom. Likes to be in a sunny position and prefers well drained alkaline soil. The mountain ash or rowan(Sorbus aucuparia) is an attractive small tree. The bark is a grey colour, which is smooth. During May the mountain ash or rowan flowers, these flowers are white and in the winter they turn to orange berries which birds like to eat.

Facts about trees and shrubs - A great collection of tree and shrub pictures

Monkey Puzzle
Monkey Puzzle Tree
Blossom Shrub
Blossom Shrub
Azalea Shrub
Azalea Shrub
Large Yew Tree
Large Yew Tree

Evergreen trees, magnolia trees, flowering trees, conifer trees, bonsai trees, maple trees and apple trees to name but a few of the many species of trees that grow on the Earth. The hardwoods like mahogany that are used to make quality furniture. Trees that provide the timber for building so many different things, boats, houses, shoes, wheels, barrels, fences the list is long indeed. Trees that provide the firewood to keep us warm, but not only do these same trees provide timber they also clean the air that we breathe and release oxygen.

The trees that provide the shade to keep us cool on a hot sunny day. Trees are home to many insects and birds. How wonderful the spring blossom of the cherry ree. Azaleas that produce an abundance of flowers with such magnificent colours. The evergreen shrubs such as the Spotted Laurel which are popular in many gardens. Shrubs, the flowering camellia which shows so many different coloured flowers, red, white, pink and more. Rhododendrons with their many varieties producing wonderful displays of flowers in the spring and summer.

How nice it is to rest under the shade of an Oak tree on a hot sunny day, or to climb when we are children, and when the summer fades the beautiful autumn colours are displayed, red, orange and gold giving a knockout display.

Christmas trees, the many different pine trees that are used at Christmas time, along with the artificial Christmas trees that seem to resemble the natural tree better as each Christmas passes but never surpassing natures wonderful trees. The smell of the natural pine Christmas tree in the house is wonderful, filling the room with natures scent. Shrubs, the flowering Camellia which shows so many different colour flowers, red, white, pink and more. Evergreen shrubs such as the spotted laurel which are popular in many gardens. Rhododendrons with their many varieties producing wonderful displays of flowers in the spring and early summer. Azaleas that produce an abundance of flowers with such magnificent colours. There are many trees for small gardens such as the maples. Shrubs for shade, how about a Rhododendron, although these shrubs can grow quite large.